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Grodriket provides an enormous security services catalog to serve all the security needs of its clients.

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Web Application Penetration Testing
Engaging GrodRiket to enhance your company's web application security significantly reduces the risk of cyber-attacks and vulnerability exposures. In an era where numerous organizations with sensitive data face security compromises due to inadequate awareness and flawed software implementations, our approach is critical. Our experts conduct exhaustive inspections of your web applications to identify the most critical vulnerabilities recognized globally. Through our comprehensive analysis, we not only pinpoint these vulnerabilities but also equip your team with the knowledge to understand and mitigate potential threats effectively, safeguarding your data against unauthorized access.
Mobile Application Penetration Testing
Neglecting the security of mobile applications can lead to severe data breaches, resulting in significant financial losses and damaging your company's reputation. GrodRiket's security analysts are dedicated to conducting thorough assessments of your mobile applications to ascertain their security posture. This process includes both automated and manual investigations into vulnerabilities, as well as a systematic exploration of potential attack vectors that could exploit these vulnerabilities. Our independent assessment aims to fortify your mobile applications against threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data.
Infrastructure Penetration Testing
GrodRiket is at the forefront of creating and implementing robust security processes, fostering awareness, and offering bespoke security services tailored to your organization's needs. Our process begins with a meticulous verification of existing security measures, followed by customized vulnerability analysis and risk level validation. We provide detailed reports on detected vulnerabilities, complete with descriptions, exploitation techniques, reproduction steps, proof of concept, and real-world scenario analysis. Furthermore, GrodRiket delivers comprehensive troubleshooting guides and strategies for risk mitigation, aimed at enhancing your security layers. Through our services, we empower your organization with the tools and knowledge necessary to improve its overall cybersecurity posture.
Source Code Review
The integrity of the source code forms the cornerstone of any application's security posture. Despite an application's functional performance, it may harbor critical security vulnerabilities. GrodRiket emphasizes the paramount importance of identifying and rectifying software vulnerabilities as a fundamental step towards bolstering your business's security. The insights derived from a thorough source code review are invaluable, surpassing those obtained from traditional black box or white box testing methods. This is because the source code review allows for the direct identification and remediation of security issues, significantly reducing potential risks at a stage where other testing methodologies might not be as effective.
Security Consultancy
GrodRiket's security consulting services complement our comprehensive security solutions by aiming to evaluate and enhance the network security level through systematic and methodological approaches tailored to the specific system, network, and security requirements of institutions and organizations. Our expert security consultants, appointed based on each organization's unique needs, deliver personalized security advisory services. This dedicated approach ensures that our clients receive targeted advice and strategies to safeguard their digital assets and infrastructure effectively.
Malware Analysis
GrodRiket's team of malware researchers is adept at conducting detailed malware analyses through both manual and automated techniques. This dual approach allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of malware behavior, whether you are seeking recovery from a recent attack, aiming to comprehend potential threats posed by competitors, or looking to preemptively secure your systems. Following our analysis, we provide a comprehensive report detailing our findings, accompanied by a strategic roadmap designed to prevent future infections. This proactive guidance equips your organization with the knowledge and measures necessary to fortify its defenses against imminent cyber threats.



Our team is recognized for enhancing cybersecurity through significant bug bounty contributions to leading technology companies.


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